• Acoustic/Electric Guitar/Bass, Ukulele *jazz/blues, and all genres
  • C: 562.964.3365
  • Now Offering Virtual Lessons
  • Locations served: Anaheim, Brea, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin, Yorba Linda

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Sean is a technically proficient guitarist and an extremely committed teacher. His experience studying orchestration and film scoring at Berklee give him a different perspective than many guitarists. Most all seasoned guitarists can read and teach guitar tablature, but Sean came to us with the unique ability to make learning how to read the G clef (treble clef guitar notes) fun and easy for our students. He teaches the importance of both kinds of reading to his students. With YouTube guitar tutorials on the rise, most students can teach themselves how to play many things from the internet. Because of Sean’s technical playing skills, he is able to teach his students much more than they would learn from an online tutorial.

Coaching and challenging his students to reach for their goals one step at a time; Sean truly believes, “those who say can’t, won’t.”

After many years of traveling abroad throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East Sean has great appreciation for World Music. Sean’s experience shows his professional attitude and comfortable environment he is able to achieve setting foot in students homes; he is great at working with all different ages and skill sets. Sean hopes “to inspire musicians of all ages to express themselves by developing a unique voice on their instrument. ”

Sean’s Words of Widsom: “the goal to being a great musician is to be unique…be proud to be unique.”