Practicing with Purpose — From your Teachers

Daniel Mandrychenko- “Unequivocally, the most effective practice I have experienced is when I fundamentally desired to learn something. This is distinct from something that I thought I should learn. This desire was completely free of any egotism or conceit. I had an innate feeling that this particular piece, tune, or technique was an important addition to my musical personality. […]

Monthly Masterclass: Performance

Each month The Music Abode Collective Teachers collaborate to offer a live Zoom masterclass catered to and exclusively for our students. Since we are just finishing recital season, this month we bring to you some of the best advise on performing, direct from our teachers: Daniel Mandrychenko: “Essential to a successful performance is the right […]

Introducing- The Music Abode Collective

We are “over the moon” excited to officially announce The Music Abode Collective this September 2021. For many years, I (Kim O’Brien, former owner of The Music Abode) have been searching for a different than a traditional music school platform to connect music teachers and students. There has always been a disconnect somewhere: whether it […]