Introducing- The Music Abode Collective

We are “over the moon” excited to officially announce The Music Abode Collective this September 2021. For many years, I (Kim O’Brien, former owner of The Music Abode) have been searching for a different than a traditional music school platform to connect music teachers and students. There has always been a disconnect somewhere: whether it be with lesson attendance, tuition, cancellations, communication, repertoire, etc. Because many music teachers also perform with bands, orchestras, or as studio musicians, it has been necessary for schools to operate with certain overhead, manage teacher and student contracts, and streamline curriculum.

I went down the rabbit hole of Google and came to find in Europe, Canada, and a few other groups within the US operate their music schools as a Co-Op; these schools are owned and operated by the teachers themselves.This promotes more collaboration between teachers and students, offers more financial stability to teachers, and direct communication between teachers and parents. All of what I would consider a win-win for both teachers, students, and the music community.

And now, we would like to introduce ourselves as a teaching team collective rooted in the decade long values of The Music Abode with a new direction of team leadership and ingenuity; moving forward to offer our students more collaborative lesson opportunities and shared resources and masterclasses and summer camps, etc!

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  1. Chris

    It is an honor to be a part of this community, and I look forward to all the amazing opportunities we will continue to be able to offer our students and teachers! Thank you!!

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